Globally Integrated Communications

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What is the Global PR Network?

The Global PR Network delivers unrivalled communications excellence, through local understanding, global reach and trusted relationships.

We are a tightly embedded group of interconnected agencies with common principles and standards; a team of independent agencies and people who trust one another and work collaboratively across key geographies to support client go-to-market strategies.

Global Scale Connection

We are an international network

The Global PR Network is an active network – it is one based on trust, relationships and sharing best practice on a regular basis. We are not just a collection of logos.


We cover all the major geographies. Simply browse the range of agencies we have in our network by selecting the different countries you are interested in.

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People used to think the world was flat and a one size fits all “global” approach can work. But we know this isn’t true. The world is distinctively uneven, and brands can’t risk a one-size-fits-no-one-approach, missing the specific needs of each market. Every country, region and even city has a different set of influencers with a different set of needs, therefore every campaign needs to be tailored to individual and local nuances.

The consultancies within the Global PR Network provide a range of services which work best in that territory. That may be PR, crisis comms, analyst relations, content creation, full marketing campaigns, event support or social and digital amplification. Given our trusted relationships with each other, we work together to create campaigns which are individually relevant but that also support global brand stories and initiatives. It can be the subtle local adaptations that make the difference.

The main thing is we need to start off with a conversation, so please get in touch and see how we can start that journey.