Wallis Marketing

Wallis Marketing Consultants (WMC Services JLT) is a full-service marketing communications company, working with multinational clients in the retail, healthcare, finance, logistics, energy, automotive, hospitality, tourism, technology, arts and government sectors across the Arabian Gulf, Levant, North Africa, and Indian Subcontinent.

With regional offices in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Beirut, Lebanon; Cairo, Egypt; Doha, Qatar; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and operating in the countries of Bahrain, India, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen – Wallis Marketing Consultants serves its clients’ marketing interests through a network of media and creative contacts across the region.

Wallis Marketing Consultants has brought together a seasoned team of strategists and marketing experts capable of tackling even the most difficult marketing and public relations campaigns. With a considered balance of nationalities and competencies, the company ensures that its clients are represented effectively across a diversity of media outlets.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Healthcare PR
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Technology PR
Main Territories
  • UAE
  • English
  • Arabic
Services: Consumer Electronics, Healthcare PR, Media Relations, Public Relations, Technology PR
Contact Details
Tel: +971.4.390.1950
Headquarters: Dubai